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Privacy / No Soliciation requests  


At DoorBlast, we take consumer privacy issues seriously. We instruct our doorhanger walkers not to deliver to any houses displaying any form of "No Solicitation" signage.


It is important to know that the placement of a doorhanger on a private residence is NOT considered solicitation by law, as the act does not engage anyone in the sale of a product or service. At DoorBlast, we do not knock on the door, ring the door bell, initiate any forward conversation, or in any way conduct ourselves in a manner that would be considered a solicitation.


Another important point: the placement of a doorhanger on a private residence has been categorized by the United States Supreme Court to be “canvassing” and not “solicitation” (U.S. Supreme Court, Martin v. City of Struthers, Page 319 U.S. 143 (1943))


However, despite the fact that placing a doorhanger is not an act of soliciting, we take it upon ourselves to be as respectful and courteous as possible by taking the following steps: 


Before approaching a home, we search for any and all “No Solicitation” signage. It doesn’t matter if the sign is an official city/town no solicitation sign, a store bought or handwritten. If a sign says “No Solicitation,” or any derivation, we interpret this as the homeowners desire not to have our doorhanger walkers approach the house.


Something else we do is to watch out for pets that might get excited as we approach the home. We realize that this might cause a disturbance inside the home, so we do not deliver to these homes either.


To request to be removed from future DoorBlast deliveries, please complete the form below. Your information will only be used to instruct our walkers not to deliver to the location. -Thank you


Remove my Address from DoorBlast delivery
If you would like your residence removed from future DoorBlast deliveries, please fill in the form below. Note that we need a working email address to validate your request.