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On this page: Designing tips ~ Ad Sizes ~ Ad insertion Requirements

Designing tips
Headline - The headline should be to the point and consistent with your business message. A good headline will stimulte action for your coupon offering. The most effective headlines are five words or less.

Advertising copy - Be concise. Avoid listing each and every feature of your business. Too much copy will frustrate readers and cause them to move away from your ad.

Coupon offer - The offer is perhaps the most important part of your ad. Below are several areas to guide you towards creating offers that will deliver the greatest response: 

Some reasons to use coupon offering...

  • To attract new customers  
  • To increase the sale of a specific product  
  • To improve brand and image awareness  
  • To reward current customers  
  • To attract former customers  
  • To up-sell to a more profitable item  
  • To reinforce or announce a special product / service offerings  

  Coupon offer types...

  • Dollar off or percentage off coupon (most popular)  
  • Quantity discount. For example buy 1, get 1/2 off  
  • Free Offer: free admission, free appraisal, free quote, free consultation, free offer (e.g. to the first respondents), free clinic or seminar, free gift with purchase, etc.  
  • Service or safety reminders  
  • Lowest price or service guarantees  

  Elements to include in your coupon...

  • Clear, concise text detailing offer and terms  
  • Offer face value  
  • Product picture  
  • Proper bar codes, including cell phone  
  • Legal copy, if necessary  
  • Coupon expiration date  
  • Company name & address  
  • Offer or tracking code  

Logo and Artwork - A picture is worth a thousand words. Logo and graphics go along way towards telling your company's story, while presenting a powerful and professional image. Use only high quality graphics, and avoid low resolution graphics. Output to CMYK.

Layout - Sketch out all of the elements of your ad to get a sense of layout. Balance and strong color variations make for more dramatic ads. If possible, place your coupon box on the RIGHT side of your ad. Here is a Copy Writers trick: after you have created the ad with headline, tape it on the wall and view it from a distance. If it does not "pop", keep working on it.

Contact information - Full contact information is a must. These include: Address, phone number and website.

DoorBlast Graphics Service - DoorBlast provides free graphics service for simple pre-designed ads. If we are assembling your ad, have all of the copy written and submitted in a text document and all artwork in the proper format (See Ad insertion instructions below).

Ad Sizes

The dimensions of the DoorBlast multi-advertiser door hanger is 27" x 7". There is a 1/8 inch border on all sides. The border color is solid, so as not to clash with your ad color. This 1/8 border area is NOT a bleed area available for ad creative. Your ad includes easy-to-redeem perforations precisely located on the top and bottom edges of your ad. Here are size dimension:

  • Regular Ad  6.75" x 2.25"    
  • Premier Ad  Irregular size - 6.75" x 3.5" (less a 1.75" H x 1.25" W box in the top left corner)    
  • Double Ad   6.75" x 4.55"    
  • Banner Strip Ad 6.75" x .5" (1 line of copy only)   

Ad insertion Requirements
An Insertion Order must be submitted with each ad. DoorBlast provides free graphic service for simple, formatted ads. 

  • All ads can be submitted digitally in the following formats: PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Acrobat PDF. Fonts should be converted to outlines  
  • A high resolution PDF is the preferred format for ad submissions. Acrobat PDF files must retain high dpi image quality with fonts embedded (“press ready” settings)  
  • PhotoShop files must be accompanied by all fonts and placed images  
  • PhotoShop files should be in eps or tiff format and at least 300 dpi.  
  • Illustrator files should have type converted to outlines.  
  • Full Color Ads - Use process color for full color ads. Save color photos as CMYK tiffs